Hales Ale Brewery

Directions to Hales Ale Brewery, Fremont, WA -

    Going SOUTH on I-5 from Everett, take Exit 169 - NE 50th Street. Turn right on NE 50th Street and go 1.5 miles. Turn left on Phinney Ave N, go 0.1 mile. Right on N 49th Street, go 0.6 miles. Turn left on 8th Ave NW, go 0.3 mile. Turn left on Leary Way NW, go 0.1 mile.

    Going NORTH on I-5 from Downtown Seattle, take Exit 167 - Seattle Center. Turn right on Fairview Ave N, go 0.1 mile. Turn left on Valley Street, go 0.2 mile. Turn right on Westlake Ave N, go 1.6 miles. Turn right on 4th Ave N, go 0.2 mile. Road becomes Fremont Ave N (continue 0.2 mile). Turn left on Fremont Place N which becomes N 36th Street, go 0.5 mile. Then continue 0.5 mile more on Leary Way NW.

    Hales Ale Brewery is at the corner of Leary Way NW and N 43rd Street. Park along N 43rd Street or behind the brewery at the Fred Meyer Grocery Store.

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