Southworth - Port Orchard

The Southworth to Port Orchard Ride starts in West Seattle
where members meet at the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock.

After a quick trip across Puget Sound on the ferry,
members unload at Southworth where they begin their ride.

The route is almost entirely along the shores of Puget Sound
on sparsely traveled country roads passing farms along the way.

A favorite stop for all is mid way between Southworth
and Port Orchard to say hi to a few friendly camels.

The mid way ride stop is at Port Orchard where members
can either have a snack on the dock or in a local cafe.

After lunch everyone gathers around the Port Orchard Totem Pole
for pictures and before beginning the return trip.

As you leave Port Orchard and look back over the Sound
you see a very familar site, Seattle.

Both going and coming you pass through the little town of Manchester
and a few sleepy clusters of homes.

Then, as always, members relax at the Southworth ferry dock
for the next boat in to take them back to West Seattle.

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