Whistler Outing

This was the club's first ever Whistler Outing Weekend
offering members both on-road and off-road cycling options.

Thus, to start the weekend everyone took an easy off-road trail
together before separating and going their own way.

Whistler is best known for it's downhill cycling and mountain trails
but it also has many paved trails.

The paved trail system weaves in and out of the ski area
leaving cyclists not always knowing if they are coming or going.

Everywhere you bike there is new exciting scenery to view
as well as many other sporting options to try.

There is also the unusual to see, like over sized lawn chairs
or antiquated cars from days gone by.

Throughout the valley are many secluded parks and beaches.

There are also lots of nice resorts and hotels
as well as nice places to camp for out of town visitors.

Along with skiing though what Whistler is best known for is
extreme cycling and one of our members tried it out.

As you can tell from the pictures all of this was very tiring,
requiring a few cat naps during the day to keep everyone going.

There were also some fun hikes around the village
for both sight seeing and shopping.

For the off-road gang there was a fun hanging bridge
for all to ride across.

There were also some fun bike parks for local kids
that attracted a few adults as well.

If all of that was not enough, you could rent a kayak to paddle
or take a dip in the lake to cool off.

To say the least Whistler was a fun place for a club outing,
even with no snow to go skiing.

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