Tukwila - Auburn - Green River Trail

The day couldn't be any nicer as members take off from
the Tukwila Community Center on the Green River Trail.

Parks line the trail making for nice rest stops
and even in the winter time the scenery is everywhere.

At the end of the trail we pick up the Interurban Trail and
continue to Auburn for warm coffee and nourishment at Zola's.

After refreshments and socializing, all start back as they came
for a fun 40-mile loop, not far but for enough for this time of year.

On the return, all stop at the new Three Friends Fishing Hole Park named
for three local fishermen who lost their lives on an Alaskan fishing trip.

The ride ended back where it started, a fun day of cycling
was at an end, and all were ready for next week's adventure.

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