Seattle to Portland - 2008

This year's Seattle to Portland Classic had a lot of club members
on the ride along with plenty of others giving support.

Total ride distance was 200 miles - over 100 on day one and
members wanted to be off at the crack of dawn.

After the first rest stop the day started to warm up
and riders started to spread out along the course.

The day was still young though and all were still excited,
especially members doing the STP for the first time.

Some non-cycling members followed the group to keep watch,
but others went on to the campsite to setup and prepare dinner.

Some members slept in comfort in the offical club sag wagon,
but most roughed it sleeping outside on the ground.

On day two, after breaking camp all took off from Centralia to Portland,
which was a shorter distance than day one, but oh so much hotter.

With a few rest stops and naps along the way, all made it
to the bridge crossing over into Oregon.

It was really starting to get hot though and much water
was needed to get to keep everyone going.

Some members made it to Portland easier than others,
but all got there and the finish of another fun STP.

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