Southworth - Port Orchard

One of the most popular places to cycle in the Northwest is
the Kitsap Peninsula requiring a ferry from Seattle.

The roads are sparsely traveled and the scenery is breath taking.
But, mostly the terrain is hilly, very hilly.

The route along the water from Southworth to Port Orchard,
though, is mostly flat with just a few rolling inclines.

To go with this less strenuous route is a farm along the way
with several camels, a special stop for all cyclists going by.

Then at Port Orchard after stopping for snacks and socializing,
it's a must that everyone stop at the Totem Pole for a ride photograph.

After this all return on the same roads that they came
and make a quick run for the ferry home.

Another day of cycling is at an end and everyone celebrates
a winter ride on the Kitsap without rain or cold weather.

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