San Juan Island

After a fun day of cycling on Lopez Island, members continue
to San Juan Island with a truck full of sheep.

From the ferry dock all have a nine mile pedal with fully loaded bikes
to Hotel de Haro at Roche Harbor for the evening rest stop.

Roche Harbor is a quiet little harbor village with many of the same
buildings that it had when it was first founded a century before.

Dinner here is a picnic style meal on the dock with other cyclists
and entertainment is stories around the fireplace in our hotel.

After a fun evening and a good night's rest, all wake to the beautiful
scenes of the harbor from the balcony around the hotel.

After getting dressed and ready to go, it's a quick breakfast
at the cafe and a look around town before all prepare to leave.

The sun of Lopez Island is covered by clouds today
but this does not dampen the spirits of the group.

From the viewpoint is the only way to see Hanging Gardens
State Park without hiking inland over rough country.

San Juan Island has some of the best scenic views of Puget Sound
and all waste little time starting the island loop.

As you can see from the photos, along with views there was plenty
of local wildlife to see, making for a very fun day of cycling.

At Friday Harbor all stop at the Front Street Ale House before
saying goodbye to the San Juans and heading home to Anacortes.

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