Ride from Seattle to Vancouver
& Party - 2008

While there were a lot of SBTC Members riding on RSVP this year,
there were also a lot helping out before the ride and along the way.

The weather for this year's ride was sunny and hot requiring
frequent hydration stops along the water for thirsty riders.

Like other events, club members had a lot of fun along the way
whether stopping to socialize or fix a flat, or riding their bikes.

RSVP is one of the more scenic rides of the year
with non-stop vistas to look at from the start to the end.

Bellingham is the mid-way overnight stop and most club members
stayed there at either the college dorms or a local motel.

Day two takes riders north through Lyndon which always calls
for a stop for pastries as well as for socializing.

After Lyndon riders quickly get to the Candian Border and
a change of markers from Apples to Maple Leaves to show the way.

In Canada everyone has to line up at Fort Langley to be ferried
across the Fraser River before going west to Vancouver.

The second day is much shorter than the first and in no time
members were in downtown Vancouver walking on city beaches.

The Ride from Seattle to Vancouver was a lot of fun and members
sadly returned to Seattle for the end of another great event.

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