Mukilteo - Everett - Snohomish

It's still almost a year away, but members decide that now is
the time to start scouting a new route for next year's Tour de Muk.

The new route will begin with part of this year's 23 mile
loop to Everett along scenic Puget Sound.

In Everett riders take a wide loop of downtown, giving everyone
very scenic views of the harbor and Naval Station Everett.

On the return loop south, riders go east
to the Hwy 2 Trestle Crossing toward Snohomish.

This takes everyone along the Snohomish River over sparsely
traveled roads, past quiet country farms.

In Snohomish everyone is hungry calling for a quick stop
at Piccadilly Circus for nourishment before continuing.

After fun and socializing it is back to work, scouting
the return route back to Snohomish and Mukilteo.

Coming back into Mukilteo everyone learns that John's wife
has just pulled a tray of fresh brownies from the oven.

Let's go guys. Those brownies are starting to cool
and will sure taste good with a warm cup of coffee.

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