Lopez Island - 2006

Lopez Island, part of the San Juan Island chain,
is reached via the Anacortes Ferry.

The island is a favorite among cyclists for its rolling
terrain and bicycle friendy roads.

On the island while part of our group went in all directions,
our main group went straight to Lopez Village and the local bakery.

After loading up on pastries and island coffee though everyone was
underway and having fun cycling around the island.

There weren't a lot of cars on Lopez, but we quickly learned there
were a lot of cyclists, about five major groups to be exact.

We also learned that it was very hard to keep riders together in such
an idylic spot where all had someplace different they wanted to go.

Thus by the time we got to South Lopez Island
we were missing more than a few of our group.

Two of the most popular stops on the island were
Historic Richardson and Shark Reef Sanctuary.

The sanctuary doesn't allow bikes but had plenty of bike racks
to hold our bikes while we tried out some of the hiking trails.

Almost to town we made quick stops to say hi
to some local cows and check out a fish out of water.

In town all lost cyclists were found at the Love Dog Cafe where we also
found fine eats, good ale and a wonderful staff to wait on us.

After all had a chance to eat, we thanked
the Love Dog Staff for their hospitality and headed for the door.

The ride to the dock only took a few minutes where we said
our good byes, another fun day of cycling was at an end.

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