McCollum Park - Everett Marina Ride

Thanksgiving is over and it's time for a little exercise.
So SBTC cyclists grap their bikes and head for the trail.

Not many people are on the route today.
Pretty much all are at the mall.

So we quickly make time to our mid way stop, Downtown Everett,
which is pretty much downhill all the way.

After our break, we make a quick stop at Naval Station Everett
and the Marina next door before looping the north side of the city.

After the marina, we head to the bluff overseeing the harbor
and then start our final loop before heading south again.

It is definitely Fall with a chill in the air,
but with a few hills on the way all stay warm on the climbs.

We returned to our start just a few pounds the light.
This was indeed a nice after turkey trot.

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