SBTC Holiday Get-Together

The holidays are a great time for members to gather,
to socialize, to intermingle and to just have fun.

This is the end of our first full year of operation and while many
members were missing, many were there to help in the celebration.

Along with the parents came many of the kids,
old ones and young ones and all ages between them.

We had plenty of salads, we had plenty of main dishes,
we had plenty of desserts and plenty to drink.

Along with the laughter we had a little singing.
Along with the singing we had some violin playing.

Now to go with all this, we had a Chinese Gift Exchange.
Some large gifts, some small ones, some very unusal ones.

When the party was over we had a little cleaning.
Till next time we gather we wish all a special cycling season.

SBTC Clubhouse

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