Fall City - Carnation - Duvall

With the new cycling season and nice weather
members go to Fall City to check out the scenic countryside.

Not more than a couple of miles out of town,
members quickly spot a new calf only a few hours old.

After stopping a few minutes to check out the new born
all continue to Carnation and the Tolt River Road.

This is a fun area to ride because of sparsely traveled roads
and rich scenery everywhere one looks.

Back in Carnation we all stop for a little nourishment and socializing
before going on to Duvall and more country roads.

Duvall is the farthest point away on our route and after
a quick regrouping we take a direct path back towards the start.

As we come into Fall City we make a last stop to check out
a herd of Water Buffalo before the end.

After final goodbyes, all load up their bikes for the trip
home with thoughts of a fun cycling season just beginning.

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