Chilly Hilly - 2008

Along with 5,000 other Northwest Cyclists, SBTC members join in
to mark the official opening of the 2008 Cycling Season.

It starts with everyone rising early in the morning and lining
up downtown Seattle to ride to Bainbridge Island across Puget Sound.

To get that many bicyclists to the island from Seattle takes
multiple ferries, all packed to the brim with bicycles and riders.

As members depart the ferries, it's every man for himself as all start
the traditional 33-mile loop around the island.

The route is mostly noted for its hilly terrain
but also for the scenic vistas of the surrounding water.

Along with hills and scenery though are bikes, bikes and bikes,
as a quick calculation will tell you, an average 150+ bikes per mile.

Along with cycling is a stop or two for a warm bowl of chili
or other refreshments served up by a lot of helping hands.

At the end is a fun carnival type atmosphere where all
socialize a bit before getting ready to board a ferry for home.

The ride is over, but the Cycling Season has just started.
All are excited for the adventures that lie ahead.

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