Cedar River Trail Ride

While Seattle has some of the best cycling weather in the country,
some days are better than others.

Today's ride is one of the questionable days where even
rainy Seattle has a bit more rain than usual.

Luckily SBTC has an all on trail ride scheduled, away from traffic, and
several members document it for others not wanting to venture outside.

The Cedar River Trail starts at Renton's Cedar River Park and
extends all the way to Lansburg Park, 16 miles away.

For those familar with the trail, you know it is famous for viewing
salmon each year as they head upstream to mate.

For today's ride we might as well be swimming with the salmon
for how wet we are. I'm sure the salmon enjoy it a bit more than us.

As with all SBTC rides, even in the rain we have fun
and all look forward to next week's ride come rain or shine.

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