Bike to Work Day - 2008

Each year SBTC members come out in force as volunteers
for Cascade Bicycle Club on Bike to Work Day.

This year is no exception and we have attempted to photograph
many of them on one member's ride into work.

This is to help celebrate Bike to Work Day as well as
to display in photos just how much fun cycling to work can be.

Right away you should note just how many wonderful trails
and bike lanes are available for cyclists to use.

You should also notice just how much fun it is to see so many
other smiling cyclists of all ages pass you by as you come to work.

Cycling in the Seattle area is rich in its offering
of outdoor art as well as scenic vistas for the eye to feast on.

Everywhere you turn there are sculptures, water fountains
and urban parks to stop and take a breath.

There are also many sidewalk cafes for getting a latte or scone
along the way, and spend a few moments speaking to others.

Along with the many bike trails and lanes entering the city
there are many bike trails along the waterfront and inter city core.

This makes it easy to enter the city on bike as well as
traverse to where you need to be to go to work or shop.

And, as you travel you realize the ease of not having to worry
about parking your car or getting caught in a traffic jam.

It is true that on Bike to Work Day there are a few more cyclists
coming in and out of the city, but cycle commuting in Seattle is common.

For North Westerners we have learned that cycling will get us
from here to there easily with a minimum of effort.

Bike commuting doesn't pollute and reduces the need for an expensive
gym to get in exercise that you can get naturally cycling to work.


Thanks Cascade for helping us to celebrate this fun way
to commute to work and enjoy our community.

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