Auburn - Green River Gorge

Starting from the Auburn Park n Ride, SBTC members head out
over country roads towards Black Diamond.

There are many fun routes to get there so members break into
three groups all of varying lengths to reach their destination.

All though start by going down the Green Valley Road
to Flaming Geyser State Park before breaking apart.

At the park all routes head uphill and then separate,
some directly to the Green River Gorge and others to Enumclaw.

Roads are sparsely traveled in this area of the county
and scenery is everywhere for riders to enjoy.

Most members with cameras take the direct route
to the Green River Gorge bridge and viewing area.

From the bridge members can see in both direction
for miles up and down the steep cliffs along the river.

From the viewpoint is the only way to see Hanging Gardens
State Park without hiking inland over rough country.

The views are outstanding and well worth the bike ride
to see some of Washington State's most spectacular scenery.

From the Gorge riders are just a few miles from Black Diamond
and one of the most popular bakeries in the state.

After some refreshments and socializing it is back on the bikes
and all head for Auburn and the start of the ride.

Not all groups return at the same time but they all return
and another fun day of cycling is at an end.

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