Alki - 3 Tree Point/Smith Cove Park

After some quick hellos, high-end riders go south to 3 Tree Point
and social riders go north to Smith Cove Park & Magnolia.

Both routes are along the water and both offer panaramic views
of Puget Sound and Mount Rainier in the distance.


After a quick stop at Smith Cove Park for snacks,
it is off to the Ballard Locks and Magnolia.

The Magnolia Bicycle Loop is all on low traffic city streets
with out of this world views of the sound and downtown Seattle.

After a steep climb up Magnolia Hill and a fun ride along it's parameter,
everyone gets to coast back down on their way back to Alki Beach.

To shorten the return trip and make sure all the social riders
get back to the Alki Bakery first, the harbor ferry is used.

With all cyclists back from their rides, everyone takes time
for a pastry and socializing while planning next week's rides.

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